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Online Personal Trainer

Online personal training is the future of the industry. It is cost efficient, convenient and best of all, it is highly effective!

I first started training online before it was “trendy” about 10 years ago. I saw that the internet was the future for the industry. 

I love it because I get more control over my clients workouts and schedule. Which leads to much better results. My clients love it because it’s extremely cheap in comparison to in person training.

There are some people who need me to physically be there or they will not workout. However, for the most part, people prefer online training.

To make things even more convenient, I deliver the workouts via an app. All of your workouts will be on the app with video demonstration and easy contact with me whenever you need it. 

Everything is tracked on the app so we can look back at old workouts and see how you are progressing. It’s nice to be able to see where you started and how the program is working.

If you have any questions at all online training, please send me a message!