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Amazing results in the palm of your hand. Effective and cost friendly!


All my workout plans are created custom for whatever your goals are.


I am a certified Nutrition Coach and will help set up your nutrition plan.


Let me come to you!


In my opinion, online personal training is the most effective and cost friendly way to use a personal trainer.


The reason why I love online personal training is because I get more control over your workouts and what you are doing. Let’s say we were training one on one in person once a week. We do a really hard workout but then for the rest of the week you don’t do anything.

Now with online training, let’s say we have a custom tailored program that has you working out 5 times a week. Which do you think is more effective?

Cost Friendly:

Let’s use the example above of once a week in person, compared to 5 times a week workouts online.

If you were to pay for 5 sessions a week in person, the cost would be $350. For a month it would be $1,400. With online training the price would only be $150-245 (depending on how much you pre pay). That’s a crazy difference!

Not only will you get better results but the price is substantially lower.

How Does it Work?

After talking everything over with you in detail regarding your goals, schedule, nutrition etc… I will develop a custom plan. I used to send people excel sheets with their workouts. They would print them out and then send them back. However, this got a bit bothersome for both of us. So now, we use a really cool app!

With this app, I can attach video demonstrations to exercises, chat with you, make comments on workouts and a lot more. This makes it easy for you to bring your workouts with you anywhere you go.

Is It For Everyone?

Definitely not. Some people need me to physically be there or they will not workout. But most people I have found can stay motivated to keep it up if they have a coach guiding them. I will see via the app if you miss workouts and I will call you out on it. Not to be mean of course, but just to see what’s going on and why the workouts aren’t being completed.

I have seen how effective online training is and most of my clients are moving towards it. I get to connect with and help more people, my clients see better results and it costs them less. If you have any questions on online training at all, just send me a message!


I know all too well how having low confidence can affect your life. Particularly in my case, I was picked on for being very skinny in high school. Although always athletic, I was always the tiniest and skinniest player. I got into weightlifting and my life completely changed. I transformed my body, which in turn boosted my confidence and improved my life drastically. I want to do the same for you!

“I’ve been working with Nathan for quite some time now and I couldn’t be happier. The results i’ve gotten are amazing, the workouts are effective and it has seriously been life changing. Thanks so much!”

Dana H.

“I don’t just consider Nathan my trainer, he is a dear friend! After having 3 kids I was finding it tough to get back into shape. By working with Nathan I saw better results in months than years trying by myself.”

Amy L.

“I really enjoy the online training. It’s nice to have all my workouts planned out for the week and I can access them anytime from my phone. Nathan is always available to answer questions and give me some words of encouragement.”

Kathy W.

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